Upland Game Birds



The upland bird species available to Washington’s hunters include ring-neck pheasant, California quail, northern bobwhite quail, mountain quail, chukar and gray partridge, blue, ruffed and spruce grouse.

Although they share certain similarities, each is different from the others in some ways that are important to hunters, from their size, coloration and habitat requirements to their abundance and distribution in Washington to the best techniques, guns, and dogs for hunting them.

Depending on what and where you hunt, Washington’s upland bird hunting seasons open as early as September 1 and may run into late-January, but it’s never too early in the year to familiarize—or re-familiarize—yourself with their habits and habitats, and to begin planning your strategies for the challenges and rewards of hunting Washington’s upland birds.



Oregon offers seven species of upland game birds for hunting enthusiast with season generally starting in September and running into October. Hunters will have opportunities to hunt Blue and Ruffed Grouse, Rooster Pheasant, Chucker, Hungarian Partridge, California Quail and Mountain Quail.  Daily bag limits vary per species so be sure to review your regs before you hit the field.


Idaho is a popular upland game bird hunting destination with opportunities for Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant, Quil, and Wild Turkey being among the most popular. Depending on the species season generally, run from mid-September through January 31st.



Montana has four species of upland game birds available to the hunt. Grouse, Pheasant, Partridge and Turkey. Season vary from September to January 1st depending on the species.



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